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Barbara Burkhardt

Yin Yoga – Art of Letting Go

Certificate Training in Geneva with Barbara Burkhardt in English

For more than 2 decades Barbara Burkhardt has been training yoga teachers. Since 2014, she offers the certificate training « Yin Yoga – Art of letting go » in Basel & Zurich, and now also in English in Geneva. The training consists of 3 modules.

The active participation in all 3 modules is understood as training in Yin Yoga, which concludes with a certificate in teaching Yin Yoga. The training is aimed at yoga teachers and people interested in Yin Yoga alike.

Basic module 1: In the introduction module we teach basic principles of Yin Yoga. In this module we mainly touch the essential principles in practice and theory and experience the effect of this deeply moving yoga style. The goal of this module is to get a feeling for Yin Yoga, its principles for one’s own practice and teaching it in yoga classes.

Advanced Module 2: Here we dive deeper into modern fascia theory and touch the world of meridians – the energy channels that are called nadis in yoga. We explore the inner connection between Yin Yoga postures and their effect on fascia and meridians. In Yin Yoga practice we stimulate and harmonize the flow of energy in both systems.

Advanced Module 3: In module 3 we explore the world of subtle anatomy and physiology of the meridians or energy channels, in which our life force flows. We experience how Yin Yoga influences and changes our energetic balance. We also touch important principles of Taoism and deepen our understanding of working with the meridians.

Short description:

  • Yin Yoga is a slow, quiet and meditative yoga style. This practice has a deep impact on body, mind and soul.
  • On the body level, staying long in each asana gently stretches fascia and opens joints.
  • Mentally, Yin Yoga creates more space in body and mind and the feeling of deep inner peace and serenity.
  • On an energetic level, Yin Yoga effects the meridian system and the flow of energy. It removes blockages and harmonises all body systems.
  • Yin Yoga is a deep practice that sets impulses of regeneration on all levels. This fascinating healing practice touches the interface between body, mind and soul and is deeply holistic.
  • Yin Yoga can be performed as an independent practice or as a Yin sequence in a Hatha Yoga practice.
  • A script will be delivered in the end of each module.

Target audience

  • Yoga teachers wishing to complete their skills and widen their range of techniques
  • Yoga practitioner wishing to broaden their skills and experience


Getting to know the basics and main principles of Yin Yoga in practice and theory, understanding the taoist philosophy and the modern fascia theory behind it in order to explore Yin Yoga for your teaching or your own practice.


  • Two extended Yin Yoga sequences per day
  • Principles and theory of Yin Yoga
  • Principles of practice and teaching
  • Modern fascia theory
  • Findings of the latest fascia research
  • Modern meridian theory
  • Effect of Yin Yoga on fascia and meridians
  • Fundamentals of Taoist and Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Building of Yin Yoga sequences


Barbara Burkhardt has been working in the field of holistic and eastern healing for decades as

  • Certified yoga teacher YCH/EYU
  • Lecturer for Hatha Yoga and meditation at the Yoga Center Lotos, Basel & Züric
  • Body Worker for Thai Yoga Massage and Osteothai
  • An accredited Psychotherapist FSP

Agenda:      Basic Module 1 – Basics & Principles: November 14 -15, 2020

                       Advanced Module 2 – Fascia & Meridians: January 23 – 24, 2021

                       Advanced Module 3 – Energy Channels & Energy Work: February 27 -28, 2021

Deadline for inscription:    October 1, 2020

Days / Hours: Total 6 days – total 42 hours

Timetable: Saturday 10:00 – 18:00 h Sunday      9:00 – 17:00 h

Participants:  min. 10, max. 12 persons

Location:  Espace Kalyana, chemin Lullin 26a, 1256 Troinex – Genève

Costs: Module 1 – 3 Early Bird until August 31, 2020 CHF 1050.-, Module 1 – 3 From 1 September 2020  CHF 1110.- Payment must be done in advance and in one go before October 1.

Cancellation conditions:

  • If a registration is cancelled, the following costs will be charged:
  • Cancellation 2 month before cours start: 30%
  • Cancellation 1 month before course start: 50% of the costs.
  • Less than 1 month before course start: 100% of the costs.

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